What’s all this, then?
This is, simply, my website.  I decided that I was tired of my old site, and so I threw this up with iWeb while I figure out if I want to do something less canned and more “oh, I made it myself”.  I know html is easy, and stuff, but I’m an american girl and I wanted my site up now.  Don’t hold it against me, please.
Me?  I’m a PhD student at UC Berkeley in the Berkeley Institute of Design (BiD) and work part time for Rior Technologies as a Mechanical Design Engineer.  I dance salsa, ride my bike to fight AIDS, do art, think a lot about how people use stories while designing things, and I’ve recently started to get into theatrical improv.  More later...
Celeste Roschuni
Birthday: July 15th
College: UC Berkeley
Major: Mechanical Engineering - Design
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Quote: You were born with an asshole, Doris, you don't need Chuck - from Night of the Comet
My Portfolio
The Flatworld
2D Work
Product Design
3D Work
Some bands that I don’t hate
  1. 1.Goldfrapp
  2. 2.Sea Wolf
  3. 3.Freezepop (I’m a guitar hero/rockbank junkie - thank god I don’t own them)
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